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Claimed (Brides of the Kindred, #1) - Evangeline Anderson I wanted to like this. I really did. It started out interesting. It was the heroine that did me in.....simply the biggest rigid coward. I found myself wanting to shake her every time she steadfastly refused to alter her vision of her future, insisting she must return to earth. Even after acknowledging that love might be a worthy reason to. I gave up.
Eternally North - Tillie Cole What an awesome story. Tash & her best friend Tink were hilarious. Tash, the heroine, is bold, brave & incredibly optimistic. It's an infectious attitude. The hero, while at first very angsty (later revealed for good reason) turned out to be less stereotypical tortured hero then I originally thought. This book, simply put, just made me happy. I'll definitely been engaging in many re-reads.
Get Bent (Hard Rock Roots, #2) - C.M. Stunich I broke my wait for the complete series rule to read [b:Real Ugly|17869239|Real Ugly (Hard Rock Roots, #1)|C.M. Stunich|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1370406934s/17869239.jpg|25017478] because the blurb sounded awesome. And, even though I have been stuck with 2 cliffhangers, I can't be too angry. Turns out both of these books are fantastic. When I read rockstar romances, they often feel too....clean. This book has sex, drugs, & rock & roll and does not apologize for it. The characters party hard, but this isn't treated as a major problem to be overcome. It's just a back drop for the actual story. Turner & Naomi are people with terrible pasts.....and their behavior mirrors that. They are far from perfect and I love them for it. It makes their love story all the more special. I'm going to check out the rest of this author's work, because these books are special. I eagerly await the third book, at least the wait wasn't too long between the first 2. I'm hoping that's the case for the 3rd.
My Side - Tara Brown I had mixed feelings about this book. I couldn't stand the heroine, but I liked her more in the second half. Why 4 stars? Because Tara Brown writes atypical characters with real flaws who make both bad & good decisions. Even if I'm reading her self proclaimed romance with no weirdness, it's still different from 99% of other romance novels. I can't wait from more from this author.
Officer off Limits - Tessa Bailey *Phew* (Fans Face) Another winner by Tessa Bailey. Her books are hot, this one being no exception. I really liked the hero, Daniel. The heroine, I liked less, but she redeemed herself towards the end. Despite being aware of her lack of bravery, she seemed unwilling to take a chance on Daniel anyways. I eagerly await this author's next book.
The End of Me - Tara Brown I stayed up super late to finish this book because I couldn't wait to see how the story ends. Normally I'm not into spy or suspense novels....but the blurb intrigued me. I was completely sucked in immediately. The biggest surprise was how believable the plot felt. The characters are written so well that despite being a crazy spy novel with lots 'o conspiracies, it felt real. I eagerly await the next book!
Tangled - Emma Chase This book is awesome. Before I began reading this, I was curious and a bit skeptical about the story being told by Drew, the main, very male character. It's pretty hard to get first person, opposite sex narrative right. Ms Chase totally succeeds in making Drew's POV both funny and believable. I also liked him even when he was a jerk in the first part of the novel, because at least he was honest about it. If you're looking for a book that's both different, funny and well written, I highly recommend this book.
Power of Love - Barbara Elsborg What an amazing book. I cried a lot while reading this. Any story that wrenches that kind of emotional response is a definite 5 star. I love Barbara Elsborg, this is one of her best. Sidenote - The sex is pretty hot ;)
The Barter System - Shayne McClendon I really enjoyed this book. The main character is totally lovable...the kind of woman I fantasize about becoming. While multiple different leading men could result in one dimensional characters, the author completely avoids this by writing complex and lovable men. I grew to care about each one, and Riya's relationships with them all. While a lot of this book is outlandish and unbelievable, it is a perfect piece of escapism. It's everything I hope an erotic romance novel to be. I look forward to more from this author.